Postal Services in Croatia

Find out more about postal services in Croatia - how to send postcards and letters, where to buy stamps, how long do post offices work etc.

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Most of the postal services in Croatia are performed by national postal operator Hrvatska pošta (Croatian Post). Its offices are scattered all over Croatia and you can easily recognize them by their bright yellow branding. Logo of Hrvatska pošta is based, as many other postal logos in the world, on traditional post horn.

Postal codes in Croatia explained

Postal codes consist of five digits. First two digits correspond to area phone code, while the other three digits designate the post office itself. E. g.:

21000 Split - This is a complete postal code.

--> 21 - These are leading digits, determined by location (county).

--> 000 - Postal office code, determined by location in the county.

Split's area phone code is 021 (+385 21 when calling from abroad). As you can see, when you remove the leading zero from the phone code, you get "21", which is the same number as two leading digits in postal code.

The whole county shares the same leading digits, in this case County of Split-Dalmatia has "21" as leading digits. Other three digits are different for each postal office. County seats have three zeros as postal office code (e. g. 10000 Zagreb, 20000 Dubrovnik and 52000 Pazin), while the other places in the county use different numbers (e. g. 20260 Korčula and 52210 Rovinj).

Post offices in Croatia

There are more than 1000 post offices of Hrvatska pošta in Croatia. You can find them in almost every town and city, even in most of the smaller places along the coast. If you just need to send a letter or postcard, you can use postboxes as well. They are usually located next to the post and/or in busy locations.

Postboxes / Mailboxes in Croatia

Postboxes are easily noticeable due to their bright yellow color. They have a square shape and are usually attached to the wall. Postboxes are usually emptied after 16 o'clock. Mail from postboxes is not collected on Sundays and holidays.

Where to buy stamps

If you need to buy a stamp, you don't need to go to the post office. One can easily buy them at most of the newsstands and the price is the same as when you buy them in a post office, but it is usually quicker to buy them at a newsstand.

Shipment prices

When you are buying stamps, it is important to mention where you intend to send your postcard/letter - in Croatia or abroad. Domestic shipments are cheaper and cost 2,80 HRK for postcards and 3,10 HRK for letters (up to 50 g), while international shipments cost 4,60 HRK for postcards and 7,60 HRK for letters (up to 50 g). For detailed calculation, visit interactive calculator of Hrvatska pošta.

Post offices' working hours

Post offices are usually opened from 07:00 to 20:00 on working days and from 08:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays. Offices are closed on Sundays and holidays, and some of them don't work on Saturdays either. During high-season, some of post offices work slightly longer. You can check working hours for each post office in Croatia here.

Postal codes of popular destinations

In the list below, you can check the postal codes of destinations that we have described in our Destination Guides section, sorted by counties that they belong to.

City of Zagreb
Zagreb: 10000 Zagreb
County of Bjelovar-Bilogora
Bjelovar: 43000 Bjelovar
Čazma: 43240 Čazma
Daruvar: 43500 Daruvar
County of Dubrovnik-Neretva
Dubrovnik: 20000 Dubrovnik
Korčula (Korčula): 20260 Korčula
Mali Ston: 20230 Ston
Orebić: 20250 Orebić
Ploče: 20340 Ploče
Ston: 20230 Ston
Trpanj: 20240 Trpanj
Vela Luka (Korčula): 20270 Vela Luka
County of Istria
Bale: 52211 Bale
Boljun: 52434 Boljun
Buje: 52460 Buje
Buzet: 52420 Buzet
Cape Kamenjak: 52100 Premantura
Fažana: 52212 Fažana
Grožnjan: 52429 Grožnjan
Hum (Istria): 52425 Hum
Kršan: 52232 Kršan
Labin: 52220 Labin
Medulin: 52203 Medulin
Motovun: 52424 Motovun
Novigrad: 52466 Novigrad
Oprtalj: 52428 Oprtalj
Pazin: 52000 Pazin
Plomin: 52234 Plomin
Poreč: 52440 Poreč
Pula: 52100 Pula
Rabac: 52221 Rabac
Roč: 52425 Roč
Rovinj: 52210 Rovinj
Svetvinčenat: 52342 Svetvinčenat
Umag: 52470 Umag
Vižinada: 52447 Vižinada
Vodnjan: 52215 Vodnjan
Vrsar: 52450 Vrsar
Završje: 52429 Završje
Žminj: 52341 Žminj
County of Karlovac
Bosiljevo: 47251 Bosiljevo
Cetingrad: 47222 Cetingrad
Drežnik Grad: 47246 Drežnik Grad
Karlovac: 47000 Karlovac
Novigrad na Dobri: 47250 Novigrad na Dobri
Ogulin: 47300 Ogulin
Ozalj: 47280 Ozalj
Rastoke: 47240 Slunj
Ribnik: 47272 Ribnik
Slunj: 47240 Slunj
Tounj: 47264 Tounj
County of Koprivnica-Križevci
Đurđevac: 48350 Đurđevac
County of Krapina-Zagorje
Desinić: 49216 Desinić
Donja Stubica: 49240 Donja Stubica
Gornja Stubica: 49245 Gornja Stubica
Konjščina: 49282 Konjščina
Krapina: 49000 Krapina
Marija Bistrica: 49246 Marija Bistrica
Pregrada: 49218 Pregrada
Sveti Križ Začretje: 49223 Sveti Križ Začretje
Tuhelj: 49215 Tuhelj
Valentinovo: 49218 Pregrada
Veliki Tabor Castle: 49216 Desinić
Veliko Trgovišće: 49214 Veliko Trgovišće
Zabok: 49210 Zabok
Zajezda: 49284 Zajezda
County of Lika-Senj
Brinje: 53260 Brinje
Kuterevo: 53225 Kuterevo
Novalja (Pag): 53291 Novalja
Otočac: 53220 Otočac
Perušić: 53202 Perušić
Plitvice Lakes National Park (NP): 53231 Plitvička jezera
Senj: 53270 Senj
Smiljan: 53211 Smiljan
Udbina: 53234 Udbina
County of Međimurje
Čakovec: 40000 Čakovec
County of Osijek-Baranja
Darda: 31326 Darda
Karanac: 31315 Karanac
Našice: 31500 Našice
Osijek: 31000 Osijek
Đakovo: 31400 Đakovo
County of Požega-Slavonia
Lipik: 34551 Lipik
Požega: 34000 Požega
County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar
Bakar: 51222 Bakar
Baška (Krk): 51523 Baška
Brod na Kupi: 51301 Brod na Kupi
Brseč: 51418 Brseč
Čabar: 51306 Čabar
Cres (Cres): 51557 Cres
Crikvenica: 51260 Crikvenica
Delnice: 51300 Delnice
Fužine: 51322 Fužine
Grobnik: 51219 Grobnik
Jurandvor (Krk): 51523 Baška
Kraljevica: 51262 Kraljevica
Krk (Krk): 51500 Krk
Lovran: 51415 Lovran
Lubenice (Cres): 51557 Lubenice
Mali Lošinj (Lošinj): 51550 Mali Lošinj
Malinska (Krk): 51511 Malinska
Merag (Cres): 51557 Merag
Mošćenička Draga: 51417 Mošćenička Draga
Novi Vinodolski: 51250 Novi Vinodolski
Omišalj (Krk): 51513 Omišalj
Opatija: 51410 Opatija
Osor (Cres): 51542 Osor
Rijeka: 51000 Rijeka
Selce: 51266 Selce
Severin na Kupi: 51329 Severin na Kupi
Stara Sušica: 51314 Stara Sušica
Veli Lošinj (Lošinj): 51551 Veli Lošinj
Veprinac: 51414 Veprinac
Vrbnik (Krk): 51516 Vrbnik
County of Šibenik-Knin
Betina (Murter): 22243 Murter
Brodarica: 22010 Šibenik
Drniš: 22320 Drniš
Dubrava kod Šibenika: 22000 Šibenik
Jezera (Murter): 22242 Jezera
Knin: 22300 Knin
Kornati: 22243 Murter
Krapanj (Krapanj): 22231 Krapanj
Miljevci: 22324 Drinovci
Murter (Murter): 22243 Murter
Otavice: 22322 Otavice
Primošten: 22202 Primošten
Prokljan Lake: 22215 Zaton
Prvić Šepurine (Prvić): 22234 Prvić Šepurine
Rogoznica: 22203 Rogoznica
Šibenik: 22000 Šibenik
Skradin: 22222 Skradin
Srima: 22211 Srima
Tisno (Murter): 22240 Tisno
Trbounje: 22320 Drniš
Tribunj: 22212 Tribunj
Vodice: 22211 Vodice
Zlarin (Zlarin): 22232 Zlarin
County of Sisak-Moslavina
Čigoč: 44213 Čigoč
Hrvatska Kostajnica: 44430 Hrvatska Kostajnica
Krapje: 44325 Krapje
Petrinja: 44250 Petrinja
Plesmo: 44325 Plesmo
Sisak: 44000 Sisak
County of Slavonski Brod-Posavina
Slavonski Brod: 35000 Slavonski Brod
County of Split-Dalmatia
Baška Voda: 21320 Baška Voda
Bol (Brač): 21420 Bol
Brela: 21322 Brela
Cetina River Springs: 22310 Cetina
Hvar (Hvar): 21450 Hvar
Imotski: 21260 Imotski
Jelsa (Hvar): 21465 Jelsa
Ložišća (Brač): 21404 Ložišća
Makarska: 21300 Makarska
Marina: 21222 Marina
Omiš: 21310 Omiš
Postira (Brač): 21410 Postira
Pučišća (Brač): 21412 Pučišća
Sinj: 21230 Sinj
Škrip (Brač): 21410 Škrip
Split: 21000 Split
Stari Grad (Hvar): 21460 Stari Grad
Supetar (Brač): 21400 Supetar
Sutivan (Brač): 21403 Sutivan
Trogir: 21220 Trogir
County of Varaždin
Bela: 42220 Novi Marof
Lepoglava: 42250 Lepoglava
Ludbreg: 42230 Ludbreg
Novi Marof: 42220 Novi Marof
Trakošćan: 42253 Trakošćan
Varaždin: 42000 Varaždin
Varaždinske Toplice: 42223 Varaždinske Toplice
County of Virovitica-Podravina
Suhopolje: 33410 Suhopolje
Virovitica: 33000 Virovitica
County of Vukovar-Srijem
Ilok: 32236 Ilok
Vukovar: 32000 Vukovar
County of Zadar
Biograd na Moru: 23210 Biograd na moru
Maslenica: 23243 Jasenice
Nin: 23232 Nin
Paklenica National Park (NP): 23244 Starigrad Paklenica
Sali (Dugi Otok): 23281 Sali
Škabrnja: 23223 Škabrnja
Vrana (Dalmatia): 23210 Biograd na moru
Zadar: 23000 Zadar
County of Zagreb
Ecopark Krašograd: 10451 Pisarovina
Ivanić Grad: 10310 Ivanić Grad
Jastrebarsko: 10450 Jastrebarsko
Krašić: 10454 Krašić
Laduč: 10292 Laduč
Pribić: 10454 Pribić
Prigorje Brdovečko: 10291 Prigorje Brdovečko
Samobor: 10430 Samobor
Ščitarjevo: 10410 Ščitarjevo
Slavetić: 10450 Slavetić
Strmac Pribićki: 10454 Krašić
Sveta Helena: 10382 Sveta Helena
Vrbovec: 10340 Vrbovec
Zaprešić: 10290 Zaprešić

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