Roaming For Tourists in Croatia

Staying in Croatia only few days? Then roaming is probably a better option than buying a new SIM card.

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If you are visiting Croatia and want to use your mobile phone, you can either buy a Croatian SIM card or use roaming services. If you are not a citizen of EU/EEA country, then you should check your operator's partners and charges for Croatia. If prices are the same or you simply don't care about them, you can check our review of Croatian mobile operators and networks.

If you are coming from EU/EEA country, you can continue reading this article.

Roaming for tourists from EU/EEA countries

Since Croatia had entered EU in July 2013, roaming charges have dropped significantly for foreign visitors from EU and EEA countries, as well as for Croats travelling to those countries. Roaming charges for those visitors are now capped by European Union, as in other EU countries. Here are the current price caps:

Until June 30, 2014:

Outgoing calls (per minute): 0,24 € + VAT
Incoming calls (per minute): 0,07 € + VAT
Sending a text message (SMS): 0,08 € + VAT
Data transfer (per MB): 0,45 € + VAT

From July 1, 2014:

Outgoing calls: 0,19 € / minute + VAT
Incoming calls: 0,05 € / minute + VAT
Sending a text message (SMS): 0,06 € + VAT
Data transfer (per MB): 0,20 € + VAT

These prices are the highest possible, which means that operators are free to offer lower prices. It is important to note that VAT rate is determined by your home state, not Croatia, which is a good thing for tourists, since Croatia's VAT rate of 25 percent is one of the highest in EU.

Basics And Tips About Croatia

Counties of Croatia

Zagreb - The only city-county in Croatia

Croatia has 20 counties and one city-county. City of Zagreb, the only city-county, is the largest county by population, while County of Split-Dalmatia is the largest one by total area.

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Population of Croatia

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Roaming For Tourists in Croatia

Map of the world

Staying in Croatia only few days? Then roaming is probably a better option than buying a new SIM card.

Telecommunications in Croatia


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Tourism in Croatia


Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Cosindering its size and population, of European countries only Austria has more tourists per inhabitant.