Telecommunications in Croatia

How roaming works in Croatia, what networks are available, where to top up a mobile phone? Find out those and other answers in this guide.

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Mobile telephony

Croatia is well-covered with mobile networks and you will be able to communicate easily in huge majority of its territory. There are five mobile operators, three of which are full-service carriers, while the other two are virtual operators.

Roaming charges in Croatia went down significantly since accession to the EU in July 2013. Prices for tourists from EU/EEA countries are now capped by European Union, which means they are a few times lower than they used to be.

If you plan to stay longer and want to buy a Croatian mobile phone number (SIM card), you can do it in thousands of stores - from operators' and their partners' stores, to technical equipment shops, supermarkets and newsstands.

Topping-up an account is even easier, since vouchers can be bought almost everywhere. Find out how to top-up Croatian mobile phone account.

Fixed Telephony

If you will need a landline, you shouldn't have a problem with locating one. Most of the households own a fixed-line phone and many hosts won't mind you to use it if you're staying in their property. Of course, one expects you to compensate the cost, especially if you dial a number abroad. If you need to call a number inside of Croatia, some hosts might not charge you anything, since most of the fixed-line packages now have flat-packages, that include a certain (or even 'unlimited') number of free minutes.

Calling a Croatian number

Croatia's system of phone numbers is the usual one - the phone number itself is preceded by area and country code. Find out more about dialling a Croatian Phone Number.

Free wi-fi in Croatia

In recent years, Croatia got many free public hotspots. Hundreds of public locations in Croatia, especially along the coast, are covered by wireless signal that can be used by anyone for free. Those are mostly central locations, e. g. important squares, that can be quite crowded during the season, so don't be surprised if the connection is somewhat sluggish in high-season.

Basics And Tips About Croatia

Counties of Croatia

Zagreb - The only city-county in Croatia

Croatia has 20 counties and one city-county. City of Zagreb, the only city-county, is the largest county by population, while County of Split-Dalmatia is the largest one by total area.

Croatian Beer: Best Known Brands And Breweries


Croats are well known for their love of beer. In general, beer is more popular in the inland, while people on the coast prefer wine.

Driving in Croatia

Highway sign

Which side to drive on, where to get traffic news and updates, are there any unusual traffic regulations? Find out those and many other answers in this detailed guide.

Ferries in Croatia: The Ultimate Guide

Jadrolinija's ferry

Croatia is famous for its beautiful islands, 1244 of them. The most important ones are reachable by ferries or catamarans. Find out everything you need to know to explore Croatian islands.

Ferry Operators in Croatia

Jadrolinija's ferry

Find out more about ferry operators in Croatia.

How to Buy a Croatian Mobile Phone Number

SIM card

If you plan to stay in Croatia for a while, buying a Croatian mobile phone number (SIM card) might be a good idea.

How to Dial a Croatian Phone Number

Mobile phones
Wondering what all those numbers are about? Check out our detailed guide about all of the dialling codes used in Croatia.

How to Top up Your Croatian Mobile Phone Account

Mobile phones

If you decide to buy a Croatian mobile number with prepaid service, you might occasionally have to top up your account.

Mobile Networks And Operators in Croatia

Mobile tower

How many mobile operators are there in Croatia, whose service is the best and what carrier is the cheapest? Find out in this article.

Population of Croatia

Zagreb - Ban Jelačić Square

According to Census 2011, Croatia has a population of 4,28 million, down from 4,44 in 2001. Zagreb is by far the biggest city, with more than four times more inhabitants than the next city on the list.

Postal Services in Croatia


Find out more about postal services in Croatia - how to send postcards and letters, where to buy stamps, how long do post offices work etc.

Roaming For Tourists in Croatia

Map of the world

Staying in Croatia only few days? Then roaming is probably a better option than buying a new SIM card.

Telecommunications in Croatia


How roaming works in Croatia, what networks are available, where to top up a mobile phone? Find out those and other answers in this guide.

Tourism in Croatia


Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Cosindering its size and population, of European countries only Austria has more tourists per inhabitant.