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Zadar, the center of Zadar County and the fifth largest city in Croatia, has been founded 3000 years ago. Throughout history, it had a few different names, but all were similar, like Iadera or Idassa.

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So many centuries have passed, bringing many rulers to the city. Besides Croats, most famous were Liburns, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Austrians. Although the conquests and political turmoil changed the appearance and structure of the city, such a great wealth of the nations' heritage left its mark in time that can be seen today. Therefore, it is not surprising that Zadar every year attracts increasing number of tourists who want to visit the St. Donatus' Church, St. Anastasia Cathedral, Forum, Kalelarga, Narodni trg (People's Square), Land Gate or Arsenal.

Zadar is also known for some newer attractions such as the Sea Organ, The Greeting to the Sun or the Museum of ancient glass. Do you know that the first university in Croatia was founded in Zadar in the year 1396? In fact, it existed until the year 1807, when it was abolished and again renewed in the year 2002.

If you consider Zadar as your next destination, then you will certainly be happy to know that Zadar recently got many low-cost airline routes (Ryanair opened its base there), which made it easily accessible from many parts of the Europe. Interesting and easy to reach, no wonder that the oldest Croatian city became one of the most popular spots on the beautiful Croatian coast.

Basic info about Zadar

County: County of Zadar
Population (2011): 75.062
Tourist Arrivals (2013): 320.220
Tourist Nights (2013): 1.203.966
Area Phone Code: +385 (0)23
Postal Code: 23000 Zadar

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